What should our networked future look like and how can we shape it?

With the ubiquity of internet-based services comes a structural change, which can be observed in various areas of our society. Whether in politics, business, education or science, the development of digital infrastructures is leading to new questions every day. The Foundation for Internet and Society understands the reflection on the tension between internet and society as a prerequisite for bringing about developments in the digitisation process, unleashing potential, but also recognising risks and proposing solutions. The Foundation for Internet and Society helps to generate the necessary knowledge for this purpose.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote an international debate on the social changes with and through the internet, not only from a technological but also from a legal, sociological and economic perspective with a focus on Europe. We give science the freedom to work across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. We believe in unconventional ideas and their potential for exploring the concerns of our networked present and future.

The primary task of the foundation is to support the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), headquartered in Berlin, with ideas and funding. Additionally, the foundation is able to directly conduct its own projects, initiatives and events to achieve the above-mentioned objectives and to support other non-profits.

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By supporting the foundation, partners from industry and academia receive the opportunity to support scientific research on the topic of »internet and society« and to contribute to social development through their commitment.

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News from the Institute

Recent articles from the academic blog of the institute

Digitale Forschungspolitik

Digitalisierung verändert die Wissenschaft und Forschung. Diese einfache Erkenntnis schlägt sich auch in den Programmen der Parteien nieder, jedoch in unterschiedlichem Maße und mit verschiedenen Schwerpunkten. Welche Parteien thematisieren die…

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Die Geheimnisse des De-Peerings

Es gibt diverse Ratgeber für Internet-Peering. Aber wenn Netzwerker_innen eine Zusammenschaltung aufkündigen müssen, sind sie auf sich gestellt. Ein Artikel über die Dos und Don’ts des De-Peerings. There is no…

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Wahlkompass Digitales: Online-Tool vergleicht Programme der Parteien

Der Wahlkompass Digitales ermöglicht Wählerinnen und Wählern Orientierung zu digitalen Themen vor der Bundestagswahl 2017. ForscherInnen des Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG) analysierten dafür die Wahlprogramme zu Themen wie Datenschutz, eGovernment und IT-Sicherheit. Das Online-Tool dient dem Vergleich der Parteien.

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